I am committed to training newly emerging practitioners in the balance of developing their own authentic style, while strengthening their case conceptualization, theoretical understanding, and clinical expertise.  I firmly believe supervision is a collaborative process, and is a learning and growth opportunity for both parties.  I find it a joy and pleasure to help younger clinicians to both develop and deepen in their work and lives.  Fees for supervision would be negotiated reasonably, to make it affordable and economically feasible.  I am open to consultation, as well as for on-going support. 

Approach to Psychotherapy – Theoretical Orientation

I am committed to the framework of an existential, psychodynamic, or psychoanalytic style of work as my central way of facilitating insight, healing, and change.  I believe that deepening in relationship is the most profound path toward developing understanding and enabling transformation. 

My training and orientation is both existential and psychoanalytic.  For years I collaborated with the New England Center for Existential Therapy.  Within that community, I learned a lot about “authentic presence and being” within psychotherapy.  It also served to nurture my interest in the integration of philosophy and human nature within an object relations and psychoanalytic framework.  I am indebted to those years and those clinicians for forming a critical and essential part of my practice as a psychologist.  However, in the last few years, I have found a true home and community within the psychoanalytic movement.  Training, learning, and collaborating with these current folks have taught me that what was exciting and resonant in the existential community was indeed present and alive and showing up brightly within a movement and thinking I could more closely align with.  I feel that the psychodynamic/psychoanalytic movement really deepens the process in a quite engaged way that suits me tremendously.  It feels like a deepening to me of my previous education and experience, and I think it has both deepened and alivened my work. 


Amy Friedman Ph.D.