I am warm, authentic, dynamic, connective, and highly trained.  I believe in meaning-making and healing through relationship. I also believe in the balance of holding what's challenging or traumatic, while looking at possibilities for growth and change. I truly love the work that I do, providing healing and transformation in a safe and natural way. 

I have been in practice for more than 20 years.  I have always had an interest in merging traditional psychotherapy with creativity, the arts, and spirituality.  I am “old school” in the sense that I’ve been classically trained and earned a lot of experience and education.  I’m “new school” in the sense that I am creative, dynamic, accessible, authentic, interactive, and spiritually minded.  My approach balances between what’s traditional and contemporary, and between theory/training and the engagement of real relationship and experience in the present.  

I am committed to the framework of an existential, psychodynamic, or psychoanalytic style of work as my central way of facilitating insight, healing, and change.  I believe that deepening in relationship is the most profound path toward developing understanding and enabling transformation.   I am passionate about psychotherapy because I believe in making meaning through relationship and the healing and transformation that is possible within this process.  Since I believe that healing happens within and between us in the work, I am deeply engaged as a therapist.  I believe in humor and I believe in safety.  I bring to the work the balance of taking matters seriously, but being able to let the light in.  I am thoughtful, reflective, and connective.  Growth is often both necessary and frightening.  So is connection, hope, and vulnerability.  The presence of hope can be scary – we may not be used to being vulnerable.  We crave it yet we protect ourselves from it.  This is a journey of pacing, something we negotiate together.  I invite you to begin the conversation with me, and see what we both may discover.  And so that your healing may begin.

My psychotherapy specialties include trauma, spirituality and religion, creativity and creative professionals, relationships, existential identity, gay and lesbian issues, fertility, pregnancy loss, pregnancy, parenting, eating disorders, cutting, adolescents, couples and families, depression, and anxiety.  Another facet to my practice is Collaborative Divorce Coaching.  

B.A.  Brandeis University; Psychology, Minors; Music, Legal Studies, and Philosophy, 1990
M.Ed.  Harvard Graduate School of Education; Counseling Processes, 1991
Ph.D.  New York University, Ph.D. Counseling Psychology, 2007

Boston Institute for Psychotherapy (BIP), 2006 – Present
Massachusetts Institute for Psychotherapy (MIP), 2009 – Present
Psychoanalytic Couple and Family Institute of New England (PCFINE), 2011 – Present
Massachusetts Collaborative Divorce Collaborative (MCLC), 2011 - Present

Please have a look at one of my courses “The Power of the Relationship”.  You can also view it in a pdf file.

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In the darkness
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Amy Friedman Ph.D.