Private practice counseling and psychotherapy to individuals, couples, and families.  

Supervision and training to therapists who are early in their career and are in need of further training.

Collaborative Divorce Coaching, providing consultation, support, and if needed, thoughtful facilitation of the collaborative divorce process.

Talks and presentations on varied topics locally.  

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For more information on aspects of my practice, feel free to look at these specialty areas:

  1. Couples Therapy

  2. Collaborative Divorce

  3. Talks, Teaching, and Presentations

  4. Supervision and Training

  1. EMDR


For particular challenges, plenty of quite apt resources can be made available with a consult.  I chose these to share as they represent an introduction to psychotherapy for individuals and couples.  Many folks have found both of these useful and reflective of the therapy process. 

The Gift of Therapy by Irving Yalom

Hold Me Tight by Sue Johnson

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